Creating Real-Time Digital Replicas at the Early Stages of Construction

The Request

Starting from demolition, create media so anyone can remotely analyze and compare site conditions and progress

The Solution

A drone-composed digital reconstruction where site maps, 3D panoramas, photos, and videos can all be viewed and reviewed

The new CenterPoint location was designed to embody the next-level of industrial facilities, so it makes sense that the RC Andersen team aims to match that modern standard in their construction progress media.

With DroneDeploy technologies, FirstLook is delivering exactly that. Twice a month, we visit the Linden site to capture not just photos and videos, but also in-depth maps and panoramas that can be viewed in sequence online.

It’s an incredible resource for owners to gain a full visual on site conditions, while also allowing engineers to stay on top of every detail of the project. Learn more here.