Our progress footage is the perfect way to document a site’s evolution while boosting your digital portfolio. We deliver professionally edited photos and videos taken both from the air and the ground at preset intervals, spanning from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, all within FAA regulations.
Our team is licensed, highly communicative, and minimally invasive on site, ensuring your project’s progress is captured seamlessly and professionally. Elevate your project documentation with FirstLook’s comprehensive construction imaging services.

Key Features

Aerial and Ground Footage

Capture stunning aerial views and detailed ground shots of your construction site. Combine both perspectives to create a comprehensive visual overview.

Professionally Edited Visuals

Receive high-quality, professionally edited photos and videos that highlight the progress and milestones of your project.

Regularly Scheduled Updates

Imaging sessions at preset intervals, ensuring you have upto-date visuals throughout your project. From groundbreaking to

Communication and Minimal Disruption

Clear communication with you and your project managers to ensure minimal disruption on-site, allowing your job to proceed smoothly.

How It Works

1. Initial Consultation
Contact us to discuss your project needs and schedule. We’ll tailor our construction imaging services to
meet your specific requirements.

2. Imaging Sessions
Our licensed team will visit your site at preset intervals to capture high-quality aerial and ground footage.
We ensure minimal disruption to your project activities.

3. Editing and Delivery
The captured footage is professionally edited to highlight the best aspects of your project. You receive
polished photos and videos ready for use.

4. Ongoing Support
Receive regular updates and visual documentation throughout your project. Our team is always available to
address any questions or additional needs.

Our Work