Whether you are looking for an existing conditions Revit model of your project for design and planning purposes or you are looking for scanning and BIM coordination for all subcontractors throughout the duration of your project, FirstLook can handle it. Using the latest LiDAR technology in conjunction with our trusted BIM coordination experts, this service can act as your company’s own BIM/scanning department.

Key Features

LiDAR Scan

We capture highly accurate 3D scans of your project site using advanced LiDAR technology. Obtain detailed and precise data that forms the basis for all subsequent project phases.

Model Creation

We transform your LiDAR scan data into detailed 3D models that represent the current state of your project. Use these models for
design, analysis, planning, and decision making.

Regularly Scheduled Updates

We update this information at regularly scheduled interviews to ensure that all of your information is up to date.

BIM Coordination

With BIM, we are able to assist you in identifying any clashes or inconsistencies before they occur on site.

How It Works

1. Initial Consultation
Contact us to discuss the project’s specific needs and goals. We’ll work with you to determine the best
scanning and BIM solutions for your specific requirements.

2. LiDAR Scanning
Our expert team will mobilize to site in order to scan and obtain the data needed to create an accurate
point-cloud file.

3. Model Creation
The captured files will be converted into a Revit model acting as a digital twin of your project.

4. BIM Coordination
Receive full BIM Coordination for your project to whatever capacity is needed, including models and
support for your subcontractors.

Our Work